Services to private organizations

Premium Consulting provides comprehensive consulting services aiming at the development of businesses and their access to appropriate financial tools, undertaking:

– The preparation, submission, and implementation of co-funded investment plans for new
and existing businesses:

  • Investment Law
  • NSRF programs for the establishment/ modernization of businesses in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors
  • Other SME support programs
  • Development of complex financial tools such as Clusters, EBRD actions, leverage of private capital, funds, VCs, etc.


– The preparation of specialized studies based on the needs of businesses in matters of Investment Policies, Organization and Administration, Human Resources Upgrade, but also Project Management. In particular, the studies concern:

  • Market research
  • Marketing Plan
  • Elaboration of business plans (Business Plans) & Feasibility Studies (Feasibility Studies)
  • Business and Organization Development Strategy
  • Organizational structure and differentiation
  • Restructuring studies
  • Specialized studies according to the needs of each company