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About Premium Consulting

Starting in 2006, Premium Consulting has been established as an integrated Consulting firm providing business consulting services, project management, feasibility studies, as well as specific studies, for both the public and private sectors. Moreover, Premium Consulting is deeply involved in the submission process and management of co-funded projects.
Premium Consulting is located in Greece, Montenegro and Cyprus providing services at National and EU level.


The visionary goal of Premium Consulting is to become a partner of choice for Public Organizations and Private Sector Entrepreneurship entities, who want to formulate sustainable development strategies and implement effective plans by joining properly adapted financial resources and tools.


Premium Consulting is “recommended” as a booster for those economic operators who are interested in developing a long-term strategy to expand their results, adapting to the demands of the national and international market and the rapidly changing trends that require corresponding vigilance and action.

Businesses around the world face multiple challenges. Operating in a constantly changing economic environment, they are called upon to build more resilient organizations, turning adversity into opportunities for growth and long-term service to their statutory goals.

Premium Consulting does not apply “ one size fits all” strategy for its clients. The strategy of any company is unique likewise its vision and business goals. So do the proposed solutions and adaptation tools provided by Premium Consulting. –

Premium Consulting formulates integrated approaches and proposals for the private and public sector entities it addresses, with the aim of personalized consulting and customized choice of the best solutions for each case.


Premium Consulting successfully implemented, in the public and in the wider public sector:

  • European Projects
National Projects
Specialized studies: Diagnostic, Strategic & business planning, Evaluation, Feasibility


In the private sector, the company has successfully developed projects and studies in all areas
of the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors, such as:

  • Tourism
Environmental Management
  • Alternative Waste Management
  • Shipping
  • Transportation / Supply Chain
  • Information technology
  • Food and Beverage Industry
Medicines & Cosmetics
  • Fashion & Clothing


Ιn Cyprus, headquartered in Limassol, under the brand name Acorido Ltd. Additionally to the Business Development services, Acorido Ltd develops and provides online training services to the shipping sector, having developed the Orion Training online and offline seminar platform, which is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping and Bureau Veritas.

In Montenegro, with presence in the cities of Bar and Podgorica through Premium Consulting Montenegro Ltd, provides Business Consulting services for both the private and public sectors, as well as planning and implementing of co-funded projects.

Premium Consulting constantly expands its international network through solid partnerships in Italy, Malta, Spain, Germany, Balkan countries and India.


Premium Consulting staff consists mainly of skilled economists, statistical analysts and Region Development planning consultants with post-graduate and doctoral qualifications. Premium Consulting maintains synergies with a network of external subcontractors, such as, environmentalists, lawyers, architects, engineers, computer engineers, system analysts, etc., covering a broad spectrum of business services.